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Music’s Mistress by Avaka Draka

Music’s Mistress by Avaka Draka

Pretty MermaidRachel London likes to burn sage and consult the Zohar before she lays down tracks.Her production team may not completely “get it” but they definitely appreciate the results. Free flowing, high vibration, inspiring songs that are dynamic, positive, and fun.“Sometimes I close my eyes and tap into this image of a woman in a smoky piano bar circa 1940. That’s who I channel when I sing.” Rachel says.  “It feels like I’m drawing on musical resources from a past life.”

Well, if I had to guess I’d say she must have been Jessica Rabbit in that past life. Her long red hair, womanly curves, and obsession with sparkles show that she’s not afraid to be sassy and mysterious, while maintaining a girlish innocence all at once.

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Rachael’s calls her music sultry pop, which she describes as more of an attitude than a genre. Think, a happy Lana Del Rey, or a less tortured Isabella Rossellini in Blue Velvet. This quality comes through most potently in the song Gimmie Gimmie,in which she exclaims, “the bigger picture has no frame”  which points to the essence of her bold, unconfined style.Jazzy and sensual, or dubstep-danceable, she always manages to tune into the frequency of love.

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“Writing about love is all encompassing.” Rachel says with a telling grin. “Spiritually it indicates a sense of inner purpose, joy, and self reflection.” On a more human level, few things are more creatively evocative than falling in love, or feeling the lack of it in your heart. It’s something everyone can relate to, no matter who you are or what kind of life you lead.

With an upcoming music video, and the song Marquee newly released on I-Tunes and accompanying a cosmetic commercial for girls, Rachael’s is definitely getting noticed! Wisely she uses the art-form itself to stay grounded.“Music is very healing…I bridge my spiritual life with my musical life. I’m incredibly conscious of the energy present in the room when I’m recording.” While she’s not superstitious, Rachel knows that her voice can be used to transport positive energy, and she’s dedicated to holding that space. Check out her singles on I-tunes and stay tuned for tour dates at

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