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Synergy by Avaka Draka

Synergy by Avaka Draka

As we take our first steps into this new paradigm. We are asked to face the challenge, of being child-like without being childish.


Imagine a world not devoid of conflict but devoid of criticism, and competition. A world not flattened by homogeneity, but textured by diversity. Where everyone has a special place, and by simply being rooted in our best selves, we able to effortlessly serve the grater whole.


We are all valid authorities in our own lives. No one else’s life experience can define our own. What each of us has to offer is exquisite beyond measure, and only our inner interpretation of life can guide us.


As we begin to observe and participate in the larger scheme of things, we see that the continuum of existence here on earth is much more than the sum of it’s parts. To translate it’s elements into societal terms. Every job, project, venture and creative endeavor is a living entity in which the parts themselves become better due to the formation of the whole.


This is not a new concept. The knowledge of it runs through us like blood and water. We may not have recent memories that we can chew on. But comfort food for the soul, is quite different from comfort food for the mind. The nurturing we receive from a life lived with the incorporation of the feminine element, is a system based on synergy.


Synergy is powered by faith, and actualized through conscious awareness of ones divine propose. It’s what happens when a connection is made between desire and freedom. Synergy begets synchronicity; allowing one thought dream or feeling to empower everything it touches. Cascading slowly yet steadily into people’s lives leading to a world filled with wonder and adventure. When we do what we love, and let everything else fall into place, all of the components needed for a majestic existence will draw together.


Released from a hierarchal control model. We are able to flow into a value system that centralizes around variety and quality. Instead of forcing ourselves to get mediocre at tasks and skills we were originally horrible at; the principle of synergy encourages us to focus only on our strengths, and encourages us to proudly share them with appreciative and respectful others.


Now free from the burden of toeing the line our only responsibility is to cultivate our gifts. Remembering that the only thing we need acquiesce to is the circle of life.

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