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Tarot Tech Avaka Draka

Tarot Tech Avaka Draka

2013-11-24 13.12.07-2Technology is often associated with science. One’s and zero’s, cold hard math. In recent years it
has brought us more deeply into the realms of entertainment. The ability to watch movies on the
subway, play video games in waiting rooms, and inform our friends of our every-waking move,
has either created or quelled that tiny bit of ADD in all of us.
Those of us on the fringe however have been using theses devices to stay connected to sprit.
Astrology apps, yoga apps, and meditation apps are becoming more and more popular.
My personal favorite… the Oracle Card Series designed by Colette Baron-Reid and available
on the I-tunes store. A modern take on the classic tarot, these cards literally provide divination at
your fingertips.
A friends of mine once asked how I could trust an electronic set of tarot cards–touting that it’s a
a mathematical algorithm thats doing the picking, not me. But I hold to the belief that source is in
all things that tune us to the frequency of joy including technology– its all in how you use it.
These card are FUN, and it never hurts a girl to tap into her inner witch, and get her hermione

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