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Heart Up by Avaka Draka

Heart Up by Avaka Draka

When I first set foot in Mexico I felt relief. The flight from Miami had been easy. The immigration and custom lines had been short. The people were friendly, and the stress induced illness I’d been fighting was finally starting to fade.

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When I got to the beachfront Hotel Shambala Petit I felt welcomed. The orange tones that highlighted the pure white cabanas were soothing. The pure white sand that leads directly from the reception desk to the crystal blue water, was refreshing. And the hug I received from Megan McCrary, who would be my guide, and yoga teacher in twice daily practice for the next week, was grounding.

It had been a rough holiday season in New York City. Busy and cold, the process of visiting family and friends, and then having to say goodbye was a bit overwhelming, and quite hard on the heart.

“The New Year always promises new opportunities, but you have to be prepared to receive them.” Megan said with enthusiasm when I asked her why she chose to offer her yoga retreat in

the middle of January. “I was trained in a style of yoga that’s all about opening the heart. It’s not just about alignment, it’s not just about flow, it’s an intelligent way of getting into the body, which is what people need the most right now.”

What is required to truly open the heart? Megan began each class with the intention that we discover the answer through movement.

The principles that she shared with us, I’ll be sharing with all of you, as we move into the new year resolving to letting more love and light into our hearts.

Megan’s practice helped me remember that even here in the mists of another culture, I will always be at home on the mat.

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Megan Mccrary new book called Pick Your Yoga Practice can be purchased here 51++65ijLrL._SY344_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_BO1,204,203,200_


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