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The Eyes of Eve by Avaka Draka

The Eyes of Eve by Avaka Draka

The Logo for the eyes of eve incorporates the Egyptian eye of hours. And the vision for the jewelry line came out of a deep meditation. There is something deeply spiritual about the true power of adornment, and that’s why it has been so heavily utilized across cultures and throughout time.


Eve is the primordial mother. She doesn’t belong to any one religion. She represents all women, and at the core of all of us is grace, strength and beauty. The founder and designer of the Eyes of Eve Deirdre Kennedy recognizes the magic behind beauty, and infuses every piece in her jewelry line with that same energy.


The Eyes of Eve originally began as a line of adhesive crystal adornments, applied directly to the skin. It slowly evolved to include the classically feminine element of lace, and the modern fashion staple of the hoop earring.

Combined these components form a jewelry line that’s simple, classy, inspirational and cross cultural. Crystal adorned lace inside the rim of a hoop earring showcases the different aspects of femininity; the ancient, the delicate and the modern, proving that the every-women has many faces.


The Eyes of Eve is a made in America brand. Welcomed as an immigrant into this country from her homeland of Ireland. Deirdre feels strongly about keeping her business here. With the intentions of creating jobs for women, in Native American communities.

“The circumstances that created the vision for this project started here. If I’d stayed in Europe it never would have happened, I want to honor that gift, by supporting the people who helped me formulate it.”

The Eyes of Eve website can be found here:

We at underground woman are inspired by Deirdre’s drive to keep on creating!

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