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Visionary by Avaka Draka

Visionary by Avaka Draka

In 2008 John and Cynthia Hardy, had a vision. An international educational environment for children of all creeds to come together, live and learn in harmony with the earth. They called it the Bali Green School. Since it’s inception it has attracted over 300 students, graduating its first high school class in June 2013. Since then it has attracted the attention of green movement leaders including Al Gore, Richard Branson, and Jane Goodall to name a few.

As part of their mission to encourage this type of education the Hardys have been supporting other visionaries, to start green schools in their communities and countries.

Jude Luca is one of those visionaries. Originally from Indiana, Jude was guided to Belize to create a retreat center in which people could heal, and further their spiritual development. As soon as she committed to the move the question arose as to how to properly attend to her child’s education.

“I wanted my my daughter to experience a new paradigm of learning.” ¬†Finding traditional structures to restrictive for her tastes. Jude chose to home school her daughter for many years. Unfortunately living in a remote region of Belize, she wasn’t able to provide the community, and social enrichment her daughter craved. The solution to this problem came in a vision.

A school that encouraged her daughter to think outside the box. One that allowed her to thrive and morph naturally from a caterpillar into butterfly, as opposed to a well behaved drone, with meager goals, low expectations, and a cynical outlook on life. Jude was inspired to create a place that that did more than simply proselytize about endless possibilities, she wanted to build a place that taught children how to turn those dreams into realities.

When Jude heard about the Bali Green School she knew she had to open one in Belize. This Forthcoming school is being developed on the same land as the the Vision Exchange Healing Center. In addition to the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic — Jude plans to include spiritual staples such as meditation, yoga, and quantum physics. This innovative curriculum will offer permaculture, sacred geometry, wellness, and nutrition–with a strong emphasis on the creative arts.

Jude believes that children should be taught to do the things they are inspired to do from their hearts, instead of having skill sets enforced on them based on what the outer world perceives they need– for It’s the promotion of community, communication, and a core reverence for our differences as human beings, that truly equals success.

To learn more about the Belize Green School watch the video and check out the website.

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