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Botanical Beauty by Avaka Draka

Botanical Beauty by Avaka Draka

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The law of attraction teaches us that we are vibrational creatures in a vibrational universe. We attract to us, things that vibrate on a a similar frequency. The higher the vibration the cleaner, the brighter, the better. The lower the vibration the duller, the denser, the deader. If we are what we eat, and we eat at McDonnell’s; then using chemically laden beauty products on the largest organ in our bodies. Is akin to supper sizing those fries for lunch daily.

We all want to feel good and look good, to shimmer with delight, and draw wonderful things into our lives. Yes, we are how we slather, soak, and scrub. But how do we honer ourselves self without having to spend $40 on face cream? My solution, use all natural, botanically based, multi-propose products, and get creative.


Bear Fruit Hair has a stock line of botanically derived products with one extra special element. You can also mix and match your own ingredients, including only what works best for your hair. With dozens of different plant and seed oils, balms and extracts to chose from, the variety is endless. Another plus, this online company delivers directly to your door. Tight on cash? Create your own 2 in 1 cleansing conditioner and don’t be afraid to use it as a leave in. These botanicals don’t build up and make your hair feel even better over time.

Average Cost $15



Dr. Woods Pure Black Soap is the perfect all in one cleanser. All natural and bio-degradable it’s gentle enough to use on your face, and has ingredients that improve the tone and texture of your skin. It can also be used as a spot treatment for acne, on your hair as a shampoo, and even for your laundry in a pinch. The Shea Vision line with additional shea butter is ultra moisturizing and silky, without being slimy or filmy. It’s also my personal favorite.

Average Cost: $12

Available: Various Retailers


Pangea Organics. I had a friend who worked for Panga when they were sill a local Bolder Colorado business. Her pitch was, never put anything on your body that you wouldn’t put in your body. Even though they now use gentle preservatives so that their products can be shelved, and found in stores across the country. I still attest that their Japanese Matcha Tea Facial Mask is good enough to eat. This clay and sea vegetable based face mask, re-mineralizes, hydrates, oxygenates, and exfoliates your skin. Watered down it can be used as a scrub/cleanser combo, and you can find it for under $40… just.

Average Cost: $30


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  1. Anonymus

    maybe the best is to use only organic virgin oconut oil (cold pressed is maybe the best) for whole body and hair. It is maybe the best treatment for hair and body and much ceaper than everything else over time. Coconut oil does wonders for the aurafield around the body also and works better and better for hair and skin on the whole body the longer one uses it…., but as allways, no need to put anything on the skin every day, let the skin nurish itself and use only warm and then cold water for normal face oleaning. Remember that the hair and skin does not need the foam from industri “shampoo” or “body “soap” to get clean. Just start with warm water and gently rub the skin clean, rub in some coconut oil and then finish off with cold water to close the pores and cleanse out stress and bad energies at the same time from your mind , body and aurafield. Coconut oil is antibacterial and works deep in the skin and nurishes your hair and the roots and leaves it clean and with natural balsam in it that works like magic for all hairtypes! 🙂

    Long shelf life so buy big so you have for your self and your whole family (5 kg will last for a while, use in making food also and on a spoon before and after training for the overall total health effect)


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