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Dried Pressed Flower Cards by Deirdre Powell

Dried Pressed Flower Cards by Deirdre Powell

What you will need:

1) Dried Pressed Flowers

2) Glue Gun

3) Card Stock

4) Lace Trim

5)Hole Punch

6) Embellishments

1) Place lace on card and glue it into place. Tip: I punched hole before lace was place on card stock. 

2) Place Flowers where you would like the final card to look like before gluing (note, this is important, once glued into place can’t remove, so make sure you like the final outcome)

3)  Tip: When gluing flowers a little glue goes a long way! If you use to much it will get lumpy 

This project is really fun and has a great look. Great for cards for all occasions! Maybe a to do for Mothers Day.


* Here is the project on how to press your own flowers. 

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