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Eucalyptus Scented Wreath By Deirdre Powell

Eucalyptus Scented Wreath By Deirdre Powell

          You will need:

  1. Eucalyptus, a few branches
  2. Crafting Wire
  3. Glue Gun
  4. Needle Nose Pliers
  5. Moss,Flowers, Baby’s Breath for decoration.


  1. Organize your space and flowers.

2.  Wire the ends of the Eucalyptus together, use pliers to cut and additional wire. Make a ring shape. Pick an end that you would like it to hang and make a loop for hanging.


3. Use Glue Gun to glue flowers into place. *helpful hint, layout flowers before glueing*
4. End result a beautiful fragrant craft.

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  1. Denise

    This is wonderful! Love it! Thanks for sharing, and love your site!
    I am taking the Decor 8 Course, and saw your link on the homework page.
    Great post!

    Take good care,


    • admin

      Thank you Denise! You have a great site too, glad to connect


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