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Deirdre Powell’s Art Work

she_walks_in_beauty_by_deirdremariepowell-d767tww a_winter_slumber_by_deirdremariepowell-d83p9bf witchesone IMG_0325 angel deirdre powell celticwoman Summer’s dance unique nestwoman peace...

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Samhain by Deirdre Powell

Samhain (pronounced differently Samain, Samuin or Samfuin) is an ancient old tradition dating back thousands of years.Samhain was celebrated by the Celts (in Ireland, Wales and Scotland) as the Feast Of The Dead and for the final harvest of the year. It has been adopted into Catholic religion as All Saints Day. The Celts divided the year into two parts on their calendar. The dark half known as Samhain fell on the eve of October 31st and the other half began with Beltane May 1st. The Gaulish calendar used by the Celts marked the dates of these festivities. Samhain was a three-day festival gathering Celtic...

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